Juegos de friv Bullet Time

Marcadores de prensa Juegos se combinan Ctrl y D

Más tipos de juego: 1 Player, Evade, Flash, Guns, Mouse Skill, Shooting
Descripción de Juegos de friv Bullet Time
Use your skill and reaction timing to dodge the bullet in the ultimate test of nerve!
¿Cómo se juega juegos de friv Bullet Time
Use you left mouse button to dodge the bullets as soon as they're fired.

A single click will do it - but don't click too soon - nobody likes a chicken.

(Try and beat my personal best time of 0.176 seconds!)

Fact - the average human being reaction time is 0.200 seconds. - Are you Faster or Slower?! - Better or Worse?!

Find out your best time and send this game to your friends to ask them to try and beat your time! (and the average time!)

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